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​Ever since the opening of Terminal 3 in 2004, the management of the  has set itself the goal of acting in the field of art and culture. Despite being an organization operating in the field of aviation in Israel, we believe that a certain measure of activity related to the world of art provides any organization with an added value, and alongside our extensive activity in the field of aviation, we are no strangers to artistic matters.

The architectural design featured within Terminal 3 is one of the most aesthetic and impressive in Israel. The internal architecture of the arrivals hall, with its marble pillars, is spectacularly beautiful and inspiring. The Terminal is studded with eye-pleasing treasures, elegantly designed walls, and with a rare and interesting selection of bronze statues. The airport is adorned with environmental sculptures, and every corner is adorned with manicured flowering gardens, dipped in green. One of the most beautiful gardens in the airport is the Land of Israel Garden, located in front of Terminal 3. This garden pays tribute to Jewish tradition, with date palms, olive trees, grape vines, citrus trees and The Seven Species representing the land of Israel all planted in it.

The Israeli Airport Authority views art as an indispensable part of the history and culture of the Jewish people, both in the diaspora and in Israel. In July 2006 we managed to realize this ideal for the first time when the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem celebrated its 100 year anniversary by holding its graduate exhibition at Terminal 1. The old departures hall at the Terminal was transformed into an open gallery, and works of art produced by young Israeli artists, all of whom were BA graduates, were put on display for the public to enjoy.

As of 2008, temporary exhibitions are on display in the path leading to the departures hall – Duty Free area, all of which focusing on various aspects of Israel. The various exhibitions present a variety of artworks, posters and photographs all focusing on different topics which are all landmarks in Jewish history, in the history of the land of Israel, and in the history of the State of Israel. Each one of the exhibitions was dedicated to a different field or topic interwoven within Jewish history.

The exhibitions are diverse and multifaceted, with each one of them portraying a different layer or a different part of our existence as a nation which has survived thousands of years of upheavals, exile and the return to Israel with hope in our hearts.

The theme of each one of the exhibitions was carefully chosen. The representatives of the Israeli Airport Authority consider the involvement of officials from outside of the organization, who are related in some way to the topic of the exhibition, to be of immense importance, and therefore act according to this belief. For instance, the Posters of Israel exhibition was planned through the full cooperation with the Keren Hayesod – United Israel Appeal organization, which donated the posters, offered support, and acted as the exhibition's professional advisor.

Each exhibition is planned by professionals, and each has a curator, artistic advisors, technical advisors and an uncompromising level of production. The exhibitions are usually opened by a modest yet respectable ceremony, with the notable people and officials who are related in some way to the topic of the exhibition being invited, together with the passengers who happen to be travelling on the day of the ceremony, who are also invited to take part in the ceremony.

During the period the exhibition is on display, thousands of passengers and tourists who are leaving the country are surprised to find that they are practically walking in an impressive gallery, as they walk along the path on their way to the departures hall. Many of them linger in order to read the texts appearing alongside the works of art, show interest in the works, takes photos, and asked to be photographed as a pleasant souvenir. The various topics of the exhibitions are always very moving, especially for Israelis and Jews.

The exhibitions that were on display:

2016 - Science, Technology and Space Exhibition

2015 - Beautiful Israel in green

2014 – 100 years of civil aviation in Israel

2013 – Israeli athletes

2011 – An exhibition of works from the National Israeli Museum

2010 – Keren Hayesod – United Israel Appeal Poster exhibition

2008 – Posters from Israel's Independence Day celebrations

Over the years, additional exhibitions have been displayed throughout the Airport, among them:

The Knesset Celebrates its 70th Anniversary

Bezalel 100 - Terminal 1 Exhibition

120 years of Zionism

Art At The Airport

Gardens And Environmental Sculptures

Community Projects

Hamsa Aleinu