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Nizhana Land Border Crossing

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The border crossing is located at Pitchat Nitzana, near the Nitzana Youth Village and the Moshav Nitzanei Sinai (Kadesh Barne'a), within the territory of Sha'ar HaNegev Regional Council. This is the main land border crossing between Egypt and Israel for the transport of both imported and exported cargos and goods.
The terminal's location at the junction between the two countries, and the commercial activity conducted in it, contribute to the strengthening of the commercial ties between both countries.
The cargos and goods which cross the border at the terminal make their way to each country, from which they may continue to a third country. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase, at a rate of more than one hundred percent, of cargo activity at the terminal.
The prices of transportation and various fees, together with the good storing conditions offered at the terminal, are the reason many importers to prefer conducting trade by land at the terminal, than conducting it by sea. Cargos are transported from any location in Egypt to any location in Israel, and are sent by plane or ship to various destinations in Europe or elsewhere on the very same day.

1982 – The Nitzana Land Border Crossing began operating after the signing of the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, together with two other border crossings: the Rafah Border Crossing, located near the city of Rafah, and the Taba Border Crossing, located just south of the city of Eilat.
When it first began to operate, the Nitzana Border Crossing also handled the movement of people and private cars. However, due to the low volume of the traffic of private cars and individuals, it was decided to shut down the crossing for the movement of tourists, and the terminal has been used solely for the crossing of cargos and goods ever since.
On the Egyptian side the border crossing is named El-Ouja.

The terminal is used for the traffic of various kinds of goods and cargos, including:
Food products (especially to the Palestinian Authority)
Raw-paper products
Cement and building materials
Grains and seeds
Frozen vegetables
Chilled fish
Textile products
Nylon products
Electric products



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  • ​Sun-Thu: 08:00 – 17:00
    For taking out goods from storage, please arrive before 14:00. The service is provided until 16:00.
    For exporting goods, please arrive during the morning and not later than 13:00.
    Transit to the Egyptian terminal for export purposes is possible until 15:00 (subject to approval by the Egyptian authorities).
    Transit of goods from Egypt to the Israeli terminal is possible until 16:00.

    Please note!
    The last Egyptian truck will enter the terminal by 15:30.
    The last Israeli truck will enter the terminal by 15:30.

    On Friday & Saturday the terminal is closed.
    On Festival Eves the terminal is open until 12:00.
    During "Hol HaMoed" the terminal is open until 14:00.
    Working hours might change. Please remain updated.

    Opening Hours of Border Crossing and Cargo Terminals - Passover, Memorial Day and Independence Day 2024

  • By private cars :
    From Beer-Sheva, use road 221 towards Tlalim junction, Ktziot and Ramat Hanegev – 77km. 
    From Egypt:
    The Issmaaliya-Abu Agila Road to Nitzana – 228km.

    Public Transportation:
    Bus line 44 (Metropoline Bus Company) to and from Beer-Sheva. 
    For further information call *5900 or visit Metropoline's website.

    Parking Lots:
    Two sheds available for car parking. 
    Trucks and cargo vehicles will park at the parking lots before being treated.