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The terminal is open 24 hours a day on all days of the week,
Except for the Jewish Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and the Islamic Eid el Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice).
On these days notices are issued to the media and should be followed to verify operating hours.

For departure to Egypt make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months.

For crossings into Egypt with Israeli vehicles the following documents are required:
1. Valid drivers and vehicle licenses.
2. Translating a Vehicle License into English:

Vehicle licenses can be translated into English for a fee at the operator’s branch at the terminal.
For more information, please contact Milgam’s offices at the terminal, by telephone at
3. Crossing with a vehicle not registered in your name – make sure to have a power of attorney from the vehicle owners, with notary approval.
For additional details contact the customs offices that operate at the terminal Tel: 074-7611515
4. Comprehensive and compulsory car insurance - can be purchased at the terminal.
5. Vehicles that are not allowed to cross: commercial, diesel 4X4, convertible, minibus, bus, rental.

Visa to Egypt
- Passengers departing for Taba or Sinai for a period that does not exceed 14 days do not require an Egyptian visa.
- Passengers departing for more than 14 days or that are traveling to Cairo, must have an Egyptian visa.
For additional details contact the Egyptian Embassy in Israel Tel: 03-5464151, or the Egyptian consulate in Eilat Tel: 08-6376882

Payment of border fees for passengers departing for Egypt
See information on "Fees" page - click here

Taba area
Passengers staying in the Taba area only (beginning from the terminal departure date and up to 1 km from the border) may receive a refund for the transit fees they have purchased.
Hotels: Taba hotel /Movenpick and Sands; If you are entitled to a refund, approach the service representative with the following documents:
Passport, Border fees, receipt for purchase of border fees, hotel and/or casino facility check out.
A passenger that does not present these documents will not be entitled to a refund.
Refunds will be made upon entry to Israel only.

It is forbidden to take the following into Egypt:
Weapons, ammunition, knives, drugs including licensed cannabis, pornography, road cameras  exception of,  cooking gas containers, hover craft, binoculars, satellite and GPS phones (except those built in to vehicles).

Tax exemption
Israelis entering Egypt for less than 72 hours are not entitled to tax exemptions, For additional details approach customs at the terminal.

Departing for Egypt with pets
A veterinary certificate is required as well as approaching the customs offices at the terminal

For your attention!
Parking cars at the terminal is only permitted for the time spent inside the terminal for the departure/entry procedures. Cars parked at the terminal will be towed.