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Aeronautical Information

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The Israel Airports Authority is committed to transparency and ensuring general information is available concerning activities at Ben Gurion International Airport. As a result, we are constantly updating necessary information on our website.

  • Activities Data

    For Ben Gurion International Airport's activity reports - click here.



  • Coordinating slots

    Information in “Coordinating flight slots” is for airlines and pilots only. This information is irrelevant to individual passengers and / or travel agents.

    The information assists the smooth flow of aviation activities at Ben Gurion International Airport and presents contact data for relevant parties at the airport, the airport’s hours of activity, its flight capacity, existing limitations, and ways of submitting a request to activate a commercial (charter, regular) or private flight.

    “Coordinating slots” at Ben Gurion International Airport allows planning a flight schedule suited to the airport’s flight capacity when implementing the rules and guidelines provided by IATA (International Air Transport Association). Planning a flights schedule ensures efficient use of the airport’s infrastructures and resources while optimizing our ability to address airlines’ needs and requests.
    IATA categorizes airports based on their scope of air traffic and available infrastructures. Categorization follows fixed criteria divided by rank: 1, 2 and 3 where 1 defines an airport with the lowest air traffic load, and 3 is the highest. Ben Gurion International Airport is ranked at level 3, with the demand for flights higher than the existing supply capabilities during certain hours due to infrastructure or air space limitations or other limitations.

    Planning flight schedules is conducted by the flights slotting department. Requests for slots are submitted by airlines or ground services companies representing the airline. These requests are reviewed and authorized based on the airport’s limitations and capacity.
    The flight schedule is planned according to criteria set by the airport’s administration and follows the IATA WSG (Worldwide Slot Guidelines).
    Requests for slots (a series of flights / single flight) must be submitted in the SCR format appearing in the SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual) Chapter 6.

    Airport hours, limitations and local laws

    Civilian flight is defined by two seasons:
    Summer season: starts from the last Sunday in March, until the last Saturday of October (7 months).
    Winter season: starts from the last Sunday of October until the last Saturday of March (5 months).

    • Hours of operation (local time) at Ben Gurion International Airport

    The airport is open and provides services 24/7. Due to environmental noise issues, a takeoff curfew is in place.

    • Night takeoff curfew (local time)

    Summer season: from 01:40 to 05:00
    Winter season: from 01:40 to 05:30
    The final allocatable slot before the “night curfew” is 01:20.
    The first allocatable slot once “night curfew” is over is:

    Between 05:00 – 06:00 in summer, and 05:30 – 06:00 in winter, takeoffs will be authorized based on noise thresholds as listed in the AIP Israel.

    Ben Gurion International Airport’s manager has the authority to approve takeoffs during the limited hours:

    Between 01:40 – 01:50, a maximum of 2 flights per day.
    Between 01:50 – 02:00, a maximum of 1 flight per day.

    • Landings

    Landing limitations: every day between 01:00 – 01:45 local time.

    • Terminal

    Ben Gurion International Airport operates two terminals: Terminal 1, and Terminal 3.


    • A new airline interested in operating out of Ben Gurion International Airport must receive approval to operate, as well as flight rights from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel. Information on flight and landing rights, and Open Skies implementation, is available on its website at
    • An airline is obligated to liaise with one of the three ground services companies operating in Ben Gurion International Airport, each of which can provide the necessary information on operating flights.

    Here are the links to these companies’ websites:




    • information on landing fees and liaison with the IAA (Israel Airports Authority): Click Here.
    • Requests for time slots for a series of flights or single flight can be submitted to the Slots Planning Department using the SCR format by email:


    General Aviation:

    A general aviation interested in operating flights to and from Ben Gurion International Airport must hold:

    1. Operational approval from the Civil Aviation Authority Supervision Division and security approval from the Aviation Security Operations Center via email:
    2. Approval of contract with a ground services provider operating at the airport in order to receive operational services.
    3. Submission of a request to receive flight slots: 
      1. Request for slots for private flights (GA/BA) must be submitted in the GCR format (which can be found in the Standard Schedule Information Manual, General Aviation Slot Clearance Request – Appendix K) or via the ground services provider.
      2. Information on limitations for general flights, as detailed in AIP Israel, including information on the limitations of operating hours (AD 2.5-12A 10/1) and the permitted parking time at Ben Gurion International Airport (AD 2.5-12.3)
      3. Additional updates publicized by NOTAM.



    Contact the Ben Gurion International Airport Slot Planning Department on issues of requests for slots, as follows:

    Phone: +97239752070
    Email for SCR/GCR only:

    Postal address for regular mail:
    Flight Slot Planning Department
    Ben Gurion International Airport Post Box 7
    Ben Gurion International Airport 7015001 Israel

    Hours Of Operation:
    Sunday – Thursday: 08:00 – 16:00 local time
    Jewish holidays: closed.

    Outside of working hours, call the Ben Gurion International Airport Operations: +97239756217 or email:

  • Information on landing fees and liaison with the IAA (Israel Airports Authority): Click Here.