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Land Border Crossing Fees

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The regulations of the Israel Airports Authority (Fess at Border Crossings) 5755 – 1994, stipulate that departing passengers pay a passage fee. The fee rates, quoted in NIS, are updated once a year (on 1st January), and are linked to the consumer price index.

Fee Rates for Crossing Land Border Terminals 2024

The fee can be paid:
- By credit card on the website of Milgam Municipal Services.
- At the branch of the financial operator working at the terminal (Milgam Co.) with an extra counter commission of NIS 6.
- At all branches of the Israel Postal Bank with no extra commission.* The voucher purchased at the Postal Bank must be cashed into tolls at Milgam’s branch at the terminal.
* Payment at the Postal Bank is in cash or by wire transfer. The stub is issued at the bank branch when the payment is made. The fee stub at the Postal Bank is limited to payment for up to 100 passengers only. However, you can make a “multi-receipt” – namely, one bank draft for a payment split into several installments according to the above restriction, up to 100 fees per one stub and the respective number of stubs.

Mandatory fields include departure and return dates.

For payment on the Milgam website – Click here

For any questions or difficulties when purchasing the fees please contact the Milgam company
Sunday – Thursday from 08:00 – 16:00
Telephone: 072-2457350

Please note: The daily vehicles quota is 70 vehicles.

Travelers exempt from payment of the border crossing fee:
A traveler bearing a diplomatic passport, or a passport stamped with a diplomatic visa and a card issued by the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
A traveler bearing a certificate confirming they are:

A baby under the age of two years is exempt from paying a fee.
To receive the exemption, please apply at the counter of the financial operator operating at the terminal (Milgam Co.).
- A UN employee serving in the UNTSO.
- A member of the Multinational Force.
- A member of the International Red Cross.
- An official of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) appearing on a list approved for this 
  purpose by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- The driver of a taxi/minibus/public transport bus during the performance of their function transporting
  travelers from Israel or in order to bring travelers to Israel.
- A driver of a commercial vehicle leaving Israel in a commercial vehicle, which they are driving as part of
   their job in transporting cargo to or from Israel.
- Any person participating in a search and rescue mission, providing medical assistance to injured persons
  or other humanitarian activity.
- The holder of a passport/IID travel certificate issued in accordance with the agreement between Israel
  and the Palestinians (28.9.95).