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Passengers Entering Israel

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Passengers entering Israel must pass through the following stations:

1. Entering the terminal
Present passport at the terminal entrance to the security person and proceed according to their instructions.

2. Security check
Go through the security check as instructed by the security personnel.

3. Passport control
- Pass through passport control counters.
- Passengers that reserved duty-free products when departing Israel must collect them from the “Pick Up” counter before going
  through customs.

4. Customs
Passing through the “Red/Green” hall according to the customs directives and passenger declaration. When entering by car, it is compulsory to declare the vehicle entry with the customs clerk.
For additional details check the Tax Authority websiteת Click here.
Tel: 074-7611585

5. Entry control gate
Presentation of updated security pass and updated transit pass from border control.
Passengers entering by car must also present the customs registration certificate.

Conduct at the terminal
Do not leave your baggage unattended, listen to the directives of security and terminal personnel and be attentive to the loudspeaker announcements at the terminal.