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​In 2008 the IAA’s board of directors decided to formulate a strategic plan for the promotion of BGAP as a “green” airport. The goals of the plan included reaching a gradual and ongoing improvement in all the environmental indicators relevant to the IAA’s activity.
In light of the plan’s broad implications, along with the public aspects it involved and the need to lead work crews including many elements from both BGAP and the IAA, a supreme steering committee was established in order to lead and support the advancement of the plan’s execution. This committee included top level officials and professionals from the management of the IAA and BGAP, and was headed by the IAA’s CEO.

Ben Gurion International Airport – Carbon Management Plan
Ben-Gurion Airport has been working in recent years to reduce its impact on the environment by developing and implementing plans of noise, energy management and efficiency, waste and recycling management and other aspects of the airport's impact on the environment. One of the major environmental challenges nowadays is climate changes and global warming. The main way in which companies are currently facing the challenge is reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Ben Gurion GHG management plan summary - click here.