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Declaration of accessibility

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Accessibility Arrangements

The Airports Authority ascribes great importance to the provision of equal service to all visitors of the airport and particularly to assisted passengers and people with special needs. The authority has made all terminals and all border crossings physically accessible in accordance with accessibility legislation and has also ensured the accessibility of the services provided by the authority.


Under Israel’s Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law, the responsibility for processing an assisted passenger and their luggage from the moment they enter the terminal building or disembark from the plane lies with the airline with whom the passenger is flying. Accordingly, service at Ben Gurion International Airport is actually provided by the ground handling service companies. The service includes accompaniment and assistance to the assisted passenger during the passenger process.

To receive the service, please contact the ground handling service company which provides services to the airline with whom the passenger is flying.


The Airports Authority is responsible for providing physical infrastructure for the operations of the providers of services to assisted passengers under law. The following arrangements are implemented at the terminals and border crossings:

  1. Accessible parking spaces
  2. Access routes and passageways
  3. Accessible elevators
  4. Height-accessible service counters with an induction loop for people with hearing disabilities
  5. Accessible signage
  6. Accessible toilets
  7. Accessible benches and waiting areas

The Airports Authority is audited by representatives of the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which is subject to the Ministry of Justice on the subject of accessibility. Each audit conducted by the commission on the Airports Authority is immediately addressed and treated. To enhance and preserve accessibility conditions for people with disabilities, the Airports Authority retains the services of a private accessibility consultant, who oversees and audits the routine activity and the physical facilities. Issues requiring treatment are treated with the utmost responsibility.

The website

As the entity entrusted with the air traffic of the State of Israel’s citizens, the Airports Authority considers the website a helpful tool and important channel for providing the public with service, including the public for whom service channels must be made accessible so as to facilitate use and make such channels available to every citizen equally and equitably.

The Airports Authority has enhanced and upgraded its website, making it available, friendly, easy and accessible for browsing by people with disabilities, whether such disabilities are in mobility, vision, hearing and others. The purpose of the accessibility is to facilitate comfortable, easy and accessible browsing.

The website has been made accessible pursuant to guidelines provided in the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to a Service) Regulations, 5773-2013, Section 35 on Internet Services Accessibility and pursuant to the guidelines provided in Israeli Standard 5568 on Internet Accessibility and at AA level.

  • The website provides semantic structure for assistive technologies and support of the customary pattern of use for operating a keyboard using the arrow keys, ENTER and ESC for exiting menus and windows.
  • The website is compatible for viewing on modern browsers and is compatible for displaying on various monitors and at various resolutions.
  • The tests have been conducted to meet the highest level of compatibility for Firefox and Chrome browsers.
  • The website is compatible for users who are using screen reader software. We recommend using the most up-to-date NVDA software.

The authority works continuously to preserve and maintain the website’s accessibility. Nevertheless, if you experience a problem on the website or any other difficulty in operating it and/or if you have a suggestion for improvement, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator and we will gladly assist you and improve our service. The coordinator’s contact information is listed below.

Guidelines for using the website

  • The website provides semantic structure for using the TAB button to proceed to the next field/component, SHIFT+TAB together to go back to the previous field/component, and ENTER to operate a component or enter a field. Press the arrow keys to select an option from a multiple-choice field and press SPACE to select.
  • Change the font size by using the Ctrl key and the mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • The software will notify you when activate. On each page displayed, you must wait until the page is fully loaded.
  • The website’s colors feature high contrast to improve readability for people with visual impairment.

The Authority’s Accessibility Coordinator

The Airports Authority’s management has expended considerable resources into making the terminals, the border crossings and the website more accessible. We will gladly be available to you on any issue concerning accessibility.

Galia Peled-Zakay – Accessibility Commissioner


Telephone: 03-9755555





Accessibility Statement updated on January 3, 2022