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Useful Information

  • A foreign exchange service is available at HaPoalim Bank's counters:

    Departures Hall (Duty Free) Branch, Terminal 1, according to the flight board.



    At the front of the terminal, next to Gate 3 in Terminal 1.

  • The next generation of overseas travel insurance:
    Passport Card by David Shields in collaboration with the Phoenix Insurance Company provides an overseas travel insurance for passengers travelling through Ben Gurion Airport.
    A customer service call centre is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Operation days and hours: 24/7.
    Location: Departure Hall, Terminal 1.


    The PassportCard website

  • Tourists who are not Israeli citizens shall submit a request for a VAT refund upon their departure from Israel only, for purchases made in Israel according to the applicable regulations and directives.
    Tax refund for tourists may be claimed for current purchases only. Tax refund cannot be claimed retroactively for products purchased on previous trips, as was customary in the past.

    Milgam operates VAT refund counters at Ben Gurion Airport as follows:
    Goods in checked baggage:
    Before checking in your baggage at the check-in counter, please obtain the proper signatures on the official documents and the purchased goods at the VAT refund service counter located in the Departures Hall (check-in in Sector A).
    To receive the refund, you must provide the signed certificate you received when you presented your goods at the VAT refund service counter in the Departures Hall, Terminal 1.

    Tel.: 03-7280123
    Fax: 03-7280124

    Milgam website

  • In the terminal there are vending machines where you can purchase drinks and sweets provided by Mashkar company.

    Telephone: 04-6309999

  • In accordance with the regulations of the "Senior Citizens" law, senior citizens aged 80 and older may receive service without waiting in line. Travelers aged 80 and up who present a certificate will receive priority in lines at all points of service throughout the flight process (whether arriving or departing).

    • Security checkpoints – senior citizens over the age of 80 will be directed to the service counter and receive priority in the security check line as well as in the flight check-in line.
    • Security check for hand luggage/carry-on luggage – senior citizens over the age of 80 will be directed to the line for travelers receiving assistance.
    • Passport control – signs will direct senior citizens over the age of 80 to a shorter line.
  • It is forbidden to carry sharp objects and weapons in your hand luggage.

    It is forbidden to send or gas containers, lithium-ion batteries and lithium-metal batteries in the luggage to the belly of the plane or in the hand luggage.

  • For the ground handling company’s service representatives in Terminal 1, please go to the assisted passengers post, located inside the terminal near Gate 03.

    For more information, click here.

  • For information regarding parking facilities click here.

  • For the information of the public of passengers landing from Eilat,


    The Ministry of Transport, through Kavim Co., operates a shuttle to Arlozorov Station in Tel Aviv.


    Operating hours:

    The bus operates according to the flight schedule for flights arriving from Eilat.

    On Fridays – until the start of the Sabbath.

    On Saturdays – from the end of the Sabbath.



    The bus awaits passengers at Parking Lot No. 20, “Fattal”, outside Gate 10.


    For current and detailed information about the bus line’s travel times and frequency, please contact Kavim Co.’s call center.

    Telephone: *2060 or 03-7732060.


    Website link: