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Eilat Airport:
March 10, 1949 Operation "Ovda" ended - the last operation in the War of Independence of the State of Israel. During Operation Ovda, the Negev Brigade captured Eilat, the Golani Brigade captured the southern Negev, and the Alexandroni Brigade captured Masada And Ein Gedi. At the end of the operation, the late Avraham Aden (Bern), a company commander in the Negev Brigade, hoisted the famous ink flag at Umm Rashrash, which later became Eilat.
A few months later, the Air Force paved the first runway for landing and taking off for light aircrafts, in order to ensure air contact between the isolated Eilat and the center of the country - this route later became the Eilat International Airport.
With the cliff of times, when passenger traffic increased and there was a significant increase in international and domestic tourism to Eilat, the location of the airport at the entrance to the city began to pose a safety hazard and it was necessary to decide to relocate it to an open and safe area.
In May 2013, construction began on a new airport named after "Ilan and Assaf Ramon." The new airport is located about twenty km north of the city of Eilat. On March 18, 2019, about seventy years after the astablishment of the lone route in Eilat, its activity was stopped and moved to the new and impressive Ramon Airport.

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In 1982 the Ovda airport was established as part of the peace agreement with Egypt. It operated as a military and civilian airport and was intended to replace Etzion Airport in the Moon Valley in Sinai.
The Israel Airports Authority was the one that built the civil terminal in order to provide a civilian solution and complete the airport as one that provides services to passengers and tourists arriving in the city of Eilat, the Dead Sea and the south of the country, even on planes that the airport of Eilat could not accommodate.
In 1995, 1996 and 2000, more than 250,000 passengers passed through the airport every yearly.
On March 31, 2019 Ovda Airport was closed to civilian activity and all international flights were transferred to Ramon Airport.

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"An eagle will soar and swoop down, spreading its wings" (Jeremiah 22)
Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport is the new airport of the city of Eilat replacing the airports of Eilat and Ovda. Ramon Airport Eilat is located about 19 km north of the city of Eilat and is actually the southern air gate of the State of Israel. The airport serves domestic and international tourism to the city of Eilat and to the southern resorts of the country, the Arava, Mitzpe Ramon and the Dead Sea.
The Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport is a unique national project due to being the first international and domestic airport that was designed and built from the ground up by the Israel Airports Authority and is a testament to the Authority's expertise in the field of aviation.
The airport has a 3,600-square-meter runway, which allows activity for most types of aircraft to any destination.
At the airport, a shuttle route, parking lots, an advanced energy center, a luggage sorting system with state-of-the-art technology, advanced systems for security checks, a fire station, modern operating and support areas were built.
The control tower rises to a height of about fifty meters and meets advanced international standards. The airport has parking spaces for medium and wide-body jets, parking spaces for turbo-props and aircraft at general aviation.
The passenger terminal at the airport is spread over an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters and provides a solution for about 1.8 million passengers a year with a high level of service, with a variety of commercial areas, catering and duty free shops.
At the front of the terminal and around it are parking lots for private vehicles, taxis, car rental companies, public transportation and shuttle buses.

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2006-2004 The working teams of the Israel Airports Authority, including planning, management, internal and external projects teams formulate programs for the new airport, map tasks in all the issues related to the construction of the airport.
2009 Government Decision No. 4463 is adopted: "To assigne the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety to promote the construction of Timna airport as an international and domestic airport of the Eilat area."

  • The CEO of Israel Airports Authority approves the plans and budget estimates for the project.
  • Approval No. 175/02/12 is received for a detailed local master plan and the appointment of an accompanying team for the project in the Southern District of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • The government approves the proposal of the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety to begin detailed planning for a new international airport in Timna as an alternative airport to the existing one in Eilat. The cost of the planning is estimated at 56 NIS million taken from the Israel Airport Authority budget.
  • The construction plan for the new airport is approved and signed by the accompanying staff following the approval of the local outline plan and according to its principles.
  • A contract for the detailed planning of the airport in Timna was signed with the offices of the architects Moshe Tzur, Amir Man - Shenhar.
  • In a meeting with the mayor of Eilat, the government approves the construction of a new international airport in Timna. The Prime Minister guides the team of ministers for the development of the city of Eilat, which convened a week earlier. The airport will be built and operated with full funding from the Israel Airports Authority, the cost of the project is estimated at NIS 1.6 billion and the estimated duration of its construction is about three years from the start of the works.


  • The Minister of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety makes the decision to add the "Ilan and Assaf Ramon Airport" to the Airports Authority Law (1977).
  • Publication of a public tender for dirt works, fencing and water infrastructure, fire fighting, sewage and drainage for the Ramon Port project for the Israel Airports Authority.
  • The Airports Authority Council approves the construction, operation and financing of Ramon Port, subject to a government decision.
  • The Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Finance approve the thawing of a cash budget of NIS 150 million for the purpose of promoting availability, shifting infrastructure and performing dirtworks.


  • The Ministry of Transportation and the Ministry of Finance approve to the Authority a thaw in the approval budget of an additional amount of NIS 1,394 million to complete the construction of the project.
  • The cornerstone laying ceremony for the Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport in the presence of Mr. Israel Katz, Mr. Ovadia Ali, Mr. Eli Aflalo, Mr. Meir Yitzhak Halevi, Mr. Udi Gat, Mr. Giora Rom, Mr. Yaakov Ganot, Mr. Shlomo Oren, Mrs. Rona Ramon and her family, members of the PA Council, PA management and employees, activity partners, representatives of local communities in the area and partners in the construction of the airport.
  • An order was issued for the commencement of work for "Bared Earthworks and Road Development Company Ltd." and an order for the commencement of coordination and supervision management work for "Gadish Baran" company.


  • An order was issued for the commencement of works for the "Ashtrom" company for paving works, parking lots for aircraft, roads, fencing infrastructure and development.
  • Appointment of the ORAT Transit and Operations Administration, whose role will be to prepare the transfer to the new port without any problems.
  • An order was issued for the "Dany Vaanunu ltd" company for graded junction works and the drainage plant near the port.
  • An order was issued to start work for "Danya Cebus Ltd." for the construction of certification structures: a control tower, the energy center, water reservoirs, a service tunnel, a gate structure, a transmission antenna structure and more, and their connection to the main infrastructure.

An order was issued to begin work on "Danya Cebus Ltd." for the construction work of the Netivot House building and the support structure and their connection to the main infrastructure at the port.

The International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO accepts RTA's application for a Location Indicator for the Ilan and Assaf Ramon / Eilat LLER International Airport.

Arkia's Embraer plane makes its first landing and takes off as part of an aviation emergency exercise held at Ramon Airport.


  • The opening ceremony of Ramon Airport in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Transportation Mr. Israel Katz, Ramon family, Director General of the Israel Airports Authority Mr. Yaakov Ganot, Mayor of Eilat, leaders, ministers, partners and employees.
  • Full operation of the port for domestic operations.
  • Full operation of Ramon Airport for international operations.