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The Jordan River House is about 10 km east of Beit She’an, near the historical Sheikh Hussein Bridge on the road between Beit She’an, Israel and Irbid, Jordan. 
As part of the peace agreement between Israel and Jordan this customs house was established on 10/11/1994 on an area of 92 dunams. The facility was designed for the transfer of Israeli passengers, tourists, and commodities between the two countries. 
The Jordan River Customs House is operated by the Israel Airports Authority. It includes agencies of the various government entities whose presence is required at an international border crossing, as well as the different shops and services necessary for its operation.
Currently, the customs house covers an area of about 180 dunams, with future development plans.

The Jordan Crossing  is an international crossroad between Israel, Jordan and Syria. The proximity to Amman, the Jordanian Industrial city of Irbid, the Haifa Port and the Northern part of Israel is an essential element related to the economic potential of the border.
1994 – The Oslo Agreement includes the Jordan Crossing agreement. The Jordan River Terminal is inaugurated. 
1996 – Two new bridges are built over the Jordan River between the Israeli terminal and the Jordanian terminal in order to improve and facilitate transit of people and cargo. 
1996 – Inauguration of the cargo terminal which is used by 3,122 trucks and serves to transit 33.6 tons of goods. 
1997 – Following the Transportation Agreement between Israel and Jordan, the volume of transportation and activity has increased dramatically. 
1998 – A Duty Free Shop is opened at the terminal's hall. 
2001 – Expansion of the cargo terminal with the purpose of increasing the volume of imported and exported goods. 
2005 – Opening of the Departures Hall and a checking facility for private cars. 
2006 – Development and expansion of the cargo terminal.
2018 – Start of construction to develop the terminal in accordance with the master plan.
2019 – A new spill pallet compound for the transportation of hazardous materials has been inaugurated.

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  • Taxi:
    Y.D. Beit She’an Transportation
    Telephone: +972 50 8277190

    Private vehicle:
    It is possible to enter Jordan with a vehicle, or alternatively, park at the parking lot adjacent to the terminal – parking incurs a fee.
    License plates are replaced on the Jordanian side.

    Public transport:
    Line 16 – up to Kibbutz Maoz Haim junction, 1 km away from the border crossing.
    To receive detailed, up-to-date information about travel times and bus frequencies, contact Superbus’ customer service call center.
    Telephone: 1 700 700 181

    Parking lots:
    There is a private parking lot operated by Kibbutz Maoz Haim, located adjacent to the terminal.
    Parking incurs a fee.
    Telephone: +972 4 6480452

  • ​The terminal is accessible and adapted to passengers who require assistance. Passageways in the terminal have been expanded and traffic through which is continuous and convenient.
    The parking lots have parking bays, close to the terminal building, that are marked and designated as disabled parking spaces. Sidewalks at the parking lot have ramps and are adapted for wheelchair transportation.
    Wheelchairs are available for passengers who require assistance at no cost.
    Under the framework of this service, you may receive assistance from the terminal staff by telephone +972 4 6093400.
    Various accessibility desks operate an audio system with acoustic amplification for the hearing impaired – LOOP HEAR.
    The Terminal entry hall and the Arrivals and Departures halls operate an audio guidance system (audio signs) for the visually impaired – STEP HEAR.
    The Arrivals and Departures halls have a Right Hear system installed for guiding the visually impaired.

    Useful Links:
    Access Israel
    Ministry of Tourism – Accessible Tourism
    Access Unlimited
    Ezer Mizion
    Yad Sara

  • James Richardson
    Duty-free shop
    Telephone: +972 4 6581665

    Milgam – Financial Services
    Foreign currency conversion.
    Foreign currency withdrawal using a credit card.
    Payment of crossing tolls for departing passengers.
    Payment of crossing tolls for cargo.
    Customs payments and tax returns for tourists.
    Telephone: +972 4 6093456

    VIP Services
    Afikim VIP
    Shift supervisor: +972 50 6099103

    Y.D. Beit She’an Transportation
    Telephone: +972 50 8277190

  • You may receive various financial services via Milgam, such as:
    foreign currency conversion, cash withdrawal, toll payment and more.
    The company’s desks are located at the Israel to Jordan Departures Hall, near the café.

  • Documents Required for Transit
    Passport – valid for at least 6 months. 
    For Drivers (entering with a private car) . 
    Car License under the driver's name or an English or Arabic power of attorney-can be issued at the MEMCI branch at the terminal. 
    English translation of car license – can be issued at the Milgam branch at the terminal. 
    Visa to Jordan – issued at the Jordanian terminal and costs 14 dinars.

    Please follow the attendants' instructions and pay attention to loudspeakers' announcements. 
    Please follow the Ministry of Agriculture instructions and refrain from bringing in unauthorized products (a list can be found on signs at the terminal).
    Israelis are advised to coordinate the trip in advance with a Jordanian agent. 
    For additional information, please contact the Jordanian Embassy in Israel, 03-7517722

    Passing Through in a Car:
    You will be asked to submit a passport and a receipt for transit fees. 
    Passing through to the Jordanian part will be possible only after car registration in Customs. 
    Third party insurance is a must in Jordan. Insurance indemnity in Jordan is lower than in Israel, thus it is recommended to buy a complementary insurance policy in Israel. Service is provided at the Milgam branch at the terminal.

    Passing Through in a Two-Wheel Vehicle (motorized or mechanical):
    Passing through to Jordan by motorbike or bicycle is forbidden. 
    Passing through with weapon and / or ammunition is forbidden. 
    Passing through of rented cars / taxies is forbidden.

    Passing Through by Foot – leaving Israel 
    You will be required to submit a passport and a receipt for transit fees. An air-conditioned bus takes the passengers from the Israeli terminal to the Jordanian terminal. The bus leaves every 25 minutes and the ride costs 5 NIS. 
    Transit to the Jordanian side by bus.

  • Passport – valid for at least 6 months. 
    It is recommended to reenter Israel at an early hour.
    Sterile, personal equipment, no weapons, weapon magazines, bullets and / or cartridges. 
    Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended. 
    Goods purchased at the Duty Free Shop – up to a sum determined by customs regulations (Details available on the sighs at the Duty Free Shop).

    Passing Through by Car:
    Third party insurance is a must in Jordan. Insurance indemnity in Jordan is lower than in Israel, thus it is recommended to buy a complementary insurance policy in Israel. Service is provided at the MEMSI branch at the terminal. 
    License plates are changed at Jordan.

    Passing Through in a Two-Wheel Vehicle (motorized or mechanical):
    Passengers are allowed to transit from Jordan to Israel with a motorbike. 
    Passing through of rented cars / taxies is forbidden.

    To those returning from Jordan in vehicles, it is important to reach the crossing at least three hours before the end of daily activity and the closing of the terminal gates. This is to avoid traffic congestion during a limited time and as a result a prolonged delay waiting in lines.