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Allenby - Transportation and parking

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Coordinating entry to pick up individual passengers – up to 6 passengers

To pick up individual passengers from the Allenby Terminal, please coordinate your arrival in advance using a designated coordination form (see link below). Please make sure to fill out the form according to the instructions listed in the form.

* Advance coordination is not required when picking up groups of over 6 passengers or when dropping off passengers at the terminal.
** These instructions do not apply to Palestinian passengers who are required to arrive via Jericho.
*** It is recommended that you coordinate the arrival of tourist groups at Allenby Terminal in advance by fax: 02-9943289
or by email:

Allenby Terminal Passenger Pick-Up Form

Public transportation
The bus stop is located on Route 90 near the terminal’s upper entrance gate. From the gate, you can get to the terminal by taxi only.
On exiting the terminal, you can get to Route 90 by taxi only, and from there you can take public transportation to Jerusalem or north on Route 90.
Egged bus Line 961 from Jerusalem and Tiberias.
Egged bus Line 966 from Jerusalem and Katzrin.

For more information, contact Egged’s National Information Center by telephone at 03-6948888 or on Egged’s website.

- “Elnagama Taxi” station for special paid transportation services to all parts of the country. Telephone: 02-6273003
- Taxi service to East Jerusalem: A special service line from East Jerusalem – Nablus Gate – to the terminal and in the opposite direction.

Parking lots
Parking is allowed only for the purpose of picking up and dropping off passengers. Long-term parking is prohibited.
Buses and taxis may park for a fee.