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Security instructions for the security check

  • All passengers departing from Ben Gurion Airport are required to go through a security check by the security personnel at the terminal from which your flight is departing.

    During the security check passengers are required to present a valid passport and flight ticket/boarding card to the security rep, at which time they will be asked security questions relevant to their flight.

    Passengers should arrive 3 hours prior to departure for the security check procedure.

  • Ben Gurion Airport operates an automatic security check system to check passengers’ baggage

    HBS – Hold Baggage Screening

    The HBS system operates by method of 100% automatic technological security check. The system was developed by the Airports Authority to improve the level of service for passengers departing from Ben Gurion Airport.

    The technological security check is available in two options:

    Automatic systems integrated into the baggage sorting system (In Line)

    Independent non-automatic systems (Stand Alone Lobby Installation)

    The baggage is sent to the innovative sorting system that includes a technological checking setup adherent to the strictest world standards and based on high-capacity technologies. Moreover, the system complies with government attorney directives that require of the Airports Authority equality security checks for all passengers. After being tagged at the airline counter, the baggage is sent for examination. Each bag is scanned by some of the most advanced machines in the world. If the system detects any suspicious items, the bag will be dispatched for a manual check.

    After tagging the baggage at the airline counter, it will be sent for checking by the HBS system.

    The baggage sent for security check by the HBS system can be locked using special locks. Standard locks approved for use by most airports worldwide, by the American Security authorities (the TSA) are also approved for use at Ben Gurion Airport.

    The TSA locks are available for purchase in stores throughout Israel as well as at the BG Airport in the public halls. Baggage locked with TSA locks only will be flown to their destinations when locked.

  • Items forbidden on flights, such as sharp objects or gas containers, that are found during the security check in the hand luggage screening sector, will not be allowed on the flight.

    In addition, it is forbidden to include lithium ion and lithium metal batteries in baggage checked in to the cargo section of the aircraft.

    For additional information from the IATA (International Aviation Transportation Association) website – click here.

  • The European Union eased the restrictions on flying with liquids purchased at the Ben Gurion Airport “Duty Free”:

    Passengers departing to any European country as well as on connection flights to any other destination in Europe or the USA, will be able to purchase liquids, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages and various spray products (deodorant, etc.)  and gel products wrapped in special sealed packets at the Ben Gurion Airport duty free shops.

    The easing of security restrictions on flying liquids is on products purchased at the Duty Free shops only and not for products brought from home or purchased at stores other than the Duty Free.

    According to instructions, passengers with Duty Free products from Ben Gurion Airport, packaged in European standard sealed packets, will be able to fly with liquids on connecting flights as well.

    Passengers flying directly to the USA can fly with any liquid products purchased at the Ben Gurion Airport duty free stores, such as perfumes, alcohol, liquid cosmetic products, sprays, etc., provided these are wrapped at the Duty-Free shop in a special sealed packet.

    Please note,
    At the first stop in the USA the security packet with the products must be placed in the suitcase.

  • Passengers after security questioning and carrying a boarding card will be allowed into the hand luggage screening sector. In this sector there are checking stations equipped with advanced screening machines, metal detector gates and machines for detecting metals in shoes.

    Laptops should be removed from carry bags in advance. During the security check passports and boarding cards must be presented. All hand luggage will be screened and passengers will pass through the metal detector gate.

    Make sure no personal effects are left at the checking station.

    The list of items forbidden to carry in hand luggage on flights: Scissors, knives, pocket knives, nail files, pepper spray, worktools, etc. Sharp objects found in hand luggage will not be permitted on board.