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Land Border Crossing Cargo Transportation

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Importing Goods
Platforms –    most goods arrive at the terminal on platforms and are transported using a forklift.
In order to make the unloading process at the Israeli terminal easier, please ensure that all goods are placed on the platforms appropriately as accepted.
 Goods which will not be placed appropriately as accepted shall be returned to the Egyptian terminal to be re-organized.
Aggregates – Goods packed in bulk, such as cement, marble and so forth, shall be stored in specially designed facilities until the arrival of an Israeli loading truck.
Containers –  Goods stored in containers, such as cooling containers and so forth, are unloaded by forklift. Once they are unloaded, the goods are loaded onto an Israeli truck.

Back to Back (B.T.B):
The unloading of goods directly from an Egyptian truck to an Israeli truck.
Storage – If the loading or unloading of goods is delayed, it is possible to use the terminal's storage facilities for a limited time only. Goods stored at the terminal's facilities can be released only after an appointment is made with the terminal's transportation franchisee ahead of time, before the trucks' arrival.
Required papers:
 - Commercial Invoice
 - Packing List
 - Customs Entry

Exporting Goods:
Goods are exported according to their type (please see the format under Import – at the Egyptian terminal):
The trucks arrive at the main gate and both the driver and truck undergo a preliminary security check.
The truck is them then put in the waiting station at the cargo terminal in order for the paperwork to be done.
This is followed by both customs and border security authorizing the trucks exit.
A representative of the transportation company signs the border crossing authorization and the truck is discharged to the main gate.
The border crossing authorization is then check at the main gate.
The truck is discharged to the Egyptian terminal, where the goods are unloaded, after which  the truck returns to the Israeli terminal.
Any planned export must be coordinated with the franchisee 72 hours before the goods arrive at the terminal.
Required papers:
 - Commercial Invoice
 - Packing List
 - Customs Entry

Recommendations for import, export and the discharging of goods from storage facilities:
A driver exporting goods to the Egyptian terminal should have with him carry his original passport together withas well as the original goods' documents. It is recommended to arrive at the terminal by 12:00 PM.
Coordinate the arrival with the franchisee 72 hours in advance.
Check the transportation prices.
Check the terminal's operating hours during Muslim Holidays.