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The airport was established by the British in 1934 and was the first international airport in Israel. The airport served the British Royal Airforce and the joint Iraqi-British oil company (APS). When the British mandate ended the airport was handed over to the Haifa Municipality and the Israeli flag was raised after its receipt.
With the establishment of the Airports Authority in 1977, responsibility for the airport was transferred to it. The Haifa airport named after Uri Michaeli (founder of civil aviation in Israel) is an international airport located at the eastern entrance to the city of Haifa. It is run by the Israel Airports Authority and serves as a domestic airport.
One can fly to other domestic airports in Israel, particularly to the Ramon airport in Eilat, as well as to embark on charter and private flights to nearby international destinations, such as: Larnaca, Paphos, Rhodes, Crete, Carpathos and others.
In 1998 a new and modern terminal was inaugurated for the airport visitors.
In 2012 the Israel Airports Authority took over responsibility of the air traffic control and the fire and rescue services from the Israeli Air Force.
In 2014 a new lobby was inaugurated at the northern entrance to the terminal.
In 2016 a new parking area for light aircraft was built in the north-eastern part of the airport.

Terminal opening hours:
The airport is open for passenger services from 06:30 AM.

The airport opening hours:
Sunday and Thursday 08:00-22:00
Monday to Wednesday 08:00-20:00
Friday/holiday eve: 07:00-19:00
Saturdays/Holidays: 08:00-23:00



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  • Passengers on domestic flights should arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half prior to departure.
    For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at least three hours prior to departure. 
    Passengers should also verify the flight status 24 hours before the departure date, and on the actual day of the flight.

  • Check-in for domestic flights closes 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
    Check-in for international flights closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. 
    Passengers on domestic flights are required to present official Israeli identification documents (ID card, driving license with a picture, or passport) when checking in and going through the security check. 
    Passengers on international flights and passengers who are not Israeli citizens are required to present valid passports and all required documentation for the destination country (valid visa, etc.).

  • ​At the entrance to the arrival hall.

  • Location and Opening Hours:
    The customs inspection operates according to the international flights schedule only. 
    To arrange for a private international flight, please contact the airport management at least 24 hours in advance of the departure date. 
    Coordinating flights during the weekend is possible only until Thursday at 14:00. 

    Telephone: 04-8476100/1
    Fax: 04-8728657

  • It is forbidden to enter the terminal with weapons.

    Flight passengers carrying weapons will disarm them at the entry to the airport at a special counter for disarming weapons.
    Flying weapons is possible on domestic commercial flights only upon presentation of an ID and valid license for carrying weapons.
    Person carrying weapons who are not flying and who wish to enter the passengers hall will disarm the weapons outside of the terminal and will deposit them in a special safe at the terminal entrance.

    It is not possible to deposit weapons without presenting a valid license and ID.


    Passengers are required to go through a security check at the terminal entrance and at the security check counters.

  • Arrival at the terminal – accessibility with ramps and gradated infrastructure.
    Entrances to halls – accessible and adapted to wheelchairs.
    Toilets – accessible and adapted for wheelchairs.
    Passengers using wheelchairs will be transported to the aircraft in a special facility provided by the airline and assisted by an airline company representative, with priority over waiting in line. The personal chair will be stored in the cargo area.

    As part of the service, personal attendance can be received from the airport liaison Ms. Adi Gozlan at
    Tel: 04-8476100 or Fax 04-8728657.

    At the border control counters in the departure and arrivals halls an acoustically enhanced audio system is operated for persons with impaired hearing – Loop Hear.

    Useful Links:
    Access Israel
    Ministry of Tourism – Accessible Tourism
    Access Unlimited
    Ezer Mizion
    Yad Sara

  • ​Unaccompanied minors will go through the routine procedures.
    An unaccompanied minor will go through the procedure with a representative of the airline with which he or she is flying and is under the airline's responsibility.

  • Sharp instruments such as pocketknives, scissors, knives, etc. may only be sent in the checked baggage. Such instruments are prohibited from being taken aboard the aircraft in hand luggage and will be confiscated during the security check. 
    In order to prevent lost items or luggage, please tag your luggage.  
    In general, it is strictly prohibited to carry personal weapons, tear gas, or any other gas container, either in the hand luggage or in checked baggage. For further information regarding cargo and baggage, please contact the respective airline.  

    Lahak Aviation

  • ​Domestic flights baggage claim:
    Luggage carts are located in the hall and outside the terminal by the taxi station.  

  • ​Private Vehicle:
    From the north or south on Highway 22 (the Bay Highway): exit at Yadin Interchange and follow the signage leading to Haifa Airport.
    From the Carmel Tunnels: continue straight at the exit from the tunnels and follow the signage leading to Haifa Airport. 
    Arriving from the south - from downtown Haifa, through Shemen beach, follow the signs to the Krayot, and turn toward the IAF Technological College.
    It is also possible to arrive through Gesher Paz to the IAF Technological College, and then turn left to the airport.  
    Arriving from Yagur Junction:  From the Lev Hamifratz Junction, continue to Vulcan Junction as far as Maagan Hadayag Junction, past the IAF Technological College, and then turn left to the airport.

  • Ofek – mapping and aerial photography, installations and tests for companies and other special works.

    Albatross – professional flight simulator for general aviation pilots.

    The Zanhania (Sky jump) – a school for sky diving, training instructors and parachuting photographers, tandem parachuting and special activities.

    Lahak Aviation – performs helicopter flights to drilling rigs, ambulance flights for the emergency health services (MDA) and VIP flights. The company has an aircraft maintenance facility.

    Israir – carries out regular domestic flights to the Ramon airport in Eilat, as well as seasonal international flights to nearby destinations abroad.

    Sky Aviation – a flight school, flights in Israel, flight simulator, etc.

    FNA Aviation – the company operates and flight school, air taxis and fun flights in Israel.

    Life Air – performs photography flights throughout Israel, ambulance flights, test flights and special flights

  • ​No car rental companies operate at Haifa Airport.

  • Tuscana- 
    Departure Hall
    Opening Hours: Open from approximately one hour prior to the first departure and until the last flight. 
    Telephone:  050-7484914

  • ​For information related to lost & found, please contact the respective airline:
    Lahak Aviation
    FNA Aviation

    Telephone: 04-8476100/1


  • Wi-Fi service is available in all the passenger halls of the airport, free of charge.
    Netvision Internet Service Provider telephone: 1-800-013-013