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The Rosh Pina Airport was constructed in 1943 under the British mandatory rule. In 1968 the airport name was changed to the “Isaac Ben Jacob Rosh Pina Airport”, who was one of the pioneers of Hebrew aviation during the British mandate.
The airport functions as a domestic airport. Its location in the heart of the Galilee provides convenient access for residents in the surrounding Galilee regions.
The airport is used for commercial, private and light aircraft flying.
The runways were uniquely paved by laying stones tightly packed together and padded by layers of bitumen, on which a further layer of smaller stones was laid and then coved by a final layer of asphalt.

May 1948 – with the establishment of the State of Israel the airport operated in service to the Israeli air force.
At the airport there remain historical battle stations and shelters from the time of the British Mandate.
The air control tower and passenger terminal weren’t built yet.
During the fifties Arkia began operating commercially at the airport from a humble shed that also served as a terminal for passengers and as the air control tower.
1968 – air traffic is moved to the beginning of runway 33 and at the same time a passengers terminal is constructed.
1971 - An air control tower and fire and rescue station are constructed. The fire and rescue station is equipped with new vehicles and for the first time fire and rescue services are operated at the airport. The temporary fire and rescue services provided by the United Municipality of Hazor Haglilit are suspended, and with the establishment of the Israel Airports Authority in 1977, the airport becomes responsibility of the IAA.
1994 – Refurbishing and enlarging of the passenger terminal.
2015 – Refurbishing and upgrading of the runway and passenger terminal.

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  • Sunday through Thursday 07:00-18:30
    Fridays and holiday eves 07:00-17:00
    Saturdays and holidays 09:00-18:00
    Summer hours: 09:00-19:00

  • ​The main entrance to the terminal leads directly into the departure hall.
    Inside the terminal, hot and cold beverage machines are available for the passengers comfort and convenience. 
    Luggage carts are available in the parking lot, free of charge.

  • Passengers on domestic flights should arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half prior to departure. Check-in for domestic flights closes 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
    During the security check and check-in you are required to present an official identification document issued by the state of Israel (ID Card or passport).
    Passengers should verify the flight status with their respective airline on the date of departure. When boarding, there is a short walk of about 30 meters from the exit gate of the departure hall to the aircraft.

  • Those who accompany passengers are welcome to park their vehicle, free of charge, in the parking lot, and accompany the passengers up to the entrance hall. 
    Stopping or parking at the sides of the access road to the terminal is prohibited.

  • It is forbidden to enter the terminal with weapons.

    Flight passengers carrying weapons will disarm them at the entry to the airport at a special counter for disarming weapons.
    Flying weapons is possible on domestic commercial flights only upon presentation of an ID and valid license for carrying weapons.
    Person carrying weapons who are not flying and who wish to enter the passengers hall will disarm the weapons outside of the terminal and will deposit them in a special safe at the terminal entrance.

    It is not possible to deposit weapons without presenting a valid license and ID.

  • ​Sharp instruments such as pocketknives, scissors, knives, etc. may only be sent in the checked baggage. Such instruments are prohibited from being taken aboard the aircraft in hand luggage and will be confiscated during the security check.
    In order to prevent lost items or luggage, please tag your luggage.
    In general, it is strictly prohibited to carry personal weapons, tear gas, or any other gas container, either in the hand luggage or in checked baggage. For further information regarding cargo and baggage, please contact your respective airline.

  • ​There are no automated teller machines in the airport.

  • ​Information about domestic cargo shipment is available through the respective airline.

  • ​Private Vehicle:
    At Rosh Pina Intersection exit to Kfar HaNassi and follow the signs. 
    There is no public transportation service to the airport.

  • ​The parking lot offers 80 parking spaces, free of charge. Passengers can park their vehicles for a few days, on a temporary basis.

  • ​For lost and found items in the airport area, 
    telephone: 04-6136200or 04-6136202.
    Fax: 04-6938208
    For items lost and found on board the aircraft or missing luggage, please contact the respective airline.

  • CAA – Commercial Aviation Academy – school for training commercial pilots.

  • The terminal has accessible infrastructure of ramps and passageways.
    Entrances to halls are accessible and wheelchair adapted.
    Toilets – accessible and adapted to wheelchairs.
    The security staff at the terminal entrance provide assistance.

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  • ​The airport is used for domestic purposes.