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Arriving at the Airport

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Ramon-Eilat Airport is located 19 km north of the city of Eilat.
Next to the airport entrance on Highway 90, facing Be’er Ora.
You may reach the airport in a private vehicle, by public transport or in a taxi.

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Several lines are operated by Egged
from Eilat at municipal prices.
Additional information
On the company’s website or at the Egged service counter
in the Reception Hall at the airport.

For up-to-date, detailed information regarding Egged line schedules:
Contact the national Customer Support Center by telephone at 03-6949888 or *2800, or on the Egged website.

Accessible bus services must be ordered ahead of time by calling: 03-9143737 or via the Egged counter in the Domestic Reception Hall.

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The cost of a taxi ride is determined solely based on the meter reading, in accordance with the price supervision order of the Ministry of Transport.
Accessible taxi service - may be ordered through the taxi dispatcher at the front of the terminal, next to Gate 34