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Passengers Departing for Jordan

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs website
    It is recommended that departing passengers visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for updates on regarding the instructions of the Jordanian authorities. For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website click here.

    Passport validity
    In order to visit Jordan passports must be valid for at least 3 months.

    Trip coordination with travel agent
    - Israelis planning to visit Jordan, even if it just for hotel lodging, must coordinate in advance through an Israeli agent, who will place the booking through a Jordanian agent.
    - Arrive with a printed copy of the hotel booking.
    - Without advance booking with an authorized guide, entry at the border will be denied.
    - It is recommended that Israeli citizens make all required arrangements before the visit to Jordan to prevent any future distress

    Entry denied
    A passenger returned by the Jordanian site, for any reason whatsoever, will not receive reimbursement of transit fees.

    Transit fee:
    - It is mandatory to state the departure and return dates.
    - It is not possible to change dates for transit fees already purchased.

    Method of passage
    Passage into Jordan at the terminal is possible on foot and by private car.

    Forbidden items
    It is forbidden to bring into Jordan weapons and/or ammunition, religious artifacts, walkie talkies and navigational instruments, GPS except for built in vehicle instruments and rappelling equipment.
    Make sure in advance that your personal baggage (rucksack, suitcase, vehicle) does not contain any forgotten weapons, ammunition, etc.

    Conduct at the terminal
    Do not leave your baggage unattended, listen to the directives of security and terminal personnel and be attentive to the loudspeaker announcements at the terminal.

  • For the attention of passengers crossing by vehicle
    – the terminal is open for vehicles until 19:00.
       We recommend advancing departure / entry from/to Israel.
    - Make sure you have a valid driving license.
    - The driving license must be translated into English. It can be issued at the Financial Services Operator 
      (Milgam) branch at the terminal. The service entails a charge.
    - Passage is possible with a vehicle registered in name of the passenger. If the driver is not the vehicle owner,
       a notarized Power of Attorney translated into English is required.
    - In Jordan passengers are required to purchase third party insurance. The insurance indemnification in
      Jordan is lower than in Israel and it is recommended to purchase a supplementary insurance in Israel.
      Available at the terminal’s Milgam branch.
    - Passage of rental cars and taxis between countries is forbidden.
    - Passage with a seized or mortgaged vehicle is not possible.
    - Entry into Jordan with a motorbike or bicycle – is forbidden.
    - It is permitted to enter Israel from Jordan on a motorbike.

  • For all matters pertaining to entry and stay in Jordan, contact the Jordanian Embassy in Israel at Tel: 03-7517722

    Visa: Check with the Embassy of Jordan in Israel.

Visitors to Jordan must pass through the following stations:

 1. Entering the terminal
At the terminal entrance present the security person with the documents required for crossing:
- Passport
- Paid transit fees for the crossing date

2. Milgam – Financial Services
Purchase of Transit Fee. 
Car insurance can be purchased.
English translation of vehicle licenses available.
Money conversion available.
Money withdrawals through credit cards available.
For additional information see the “Fees” section and/or call the financial operator at the terminal: 08-8530097

3. Customs
Declare if necessary, according to customs rules. For the customs website click here.
When departing by vehicle it is compulsory to declare the vehicle and register it with the customs clerk.
For additional information call: 074-7611585

4. Passport control
Pass through passport control counters.
*The passport must be valid for at least 3 months.

 5. Duty-free Shop
Tel: 03-6643770
Products can be purchased in the shop according to customs laws.
The purchased products can be reserved according to customs guidelines.

6. Exit control gate
Presentation of an updated transit fee and updated computerized gate pass from the border control.
Additionally, passengers departing by car will also present a customs stamp.