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Land Border Crossing Contacts

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Public Inquiries - Land Border Crossings and Domestic Airports:
Tel: 03-9758303
Fax: 03-9758332
Public Inquiries
Address - P.O.Box 137, Ben-Gurion Airport, 7015001

The Nitzana Terminal:
Tel.: 08-6564660
Fax: 08-6564669
Operations manager: 08-6564665
Shift manager: 08-6564662

Payment of custom fees and tolls for the discharge of goods
Tel.: 08-6381111
Customs brokers:
Handle the discharge of the merchandise.

UTI Logistics Israel
Telephone: 08-6557987

Telephone: 054-3333801

"Freedansone customs clearance"
Telephone: 054-9403111

Ministry of Health:
Food control and the inspection of goods defined as food, including sending a food sample to the Ministry of Health station. Goods are discharged only after the inspector has inspected and authorized them.
Inspector's days of operation: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Tel.: 08-6570810

The Ministry of Agriculture:
The inspection of goods which arrive from Egypt on their way to Israel or the Palestinian Authority by an inspector from the Ministry of Health. Inspected goods include: seeds, grains and plants.
Days of operation: every day.
Tel.: 08-6564677

The Israel Police:
Border control and inspection of Israeli drivers before they leave for the Egyptian terminal.
Phone no.: 08-6570679

Transportation Franchisee: Nitzana Logistic Services Ltd
The transportation of goods: unloading, loading and transporting.
Phone no.: 08-6555766
Fax: 08-6555778

Foreign Forces Liaison Unit – the unit that liaises with the foreign forces stationed in Sinai.
Coordinate the exit of forces to Egypt and entry into Israel on phone no.: 056-901726.​