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Board of Directors

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The board of directors comprises 15 board members:
- The chairman of the board
- Seven board members who are public representatives
- Seven board members who are civil servants

The Minister of Transport, with the government’s approval, appoints the chairman and members of the authority’s board for a term of office of 4 years.

The authority’s board outlines the strategy and policy for the organization’s activity in the management, operation and development of the airports and border terminals for which the Airports Authority is responsible.
The board appoints members from among its own to six professional committees: The Finance Committee, Safety and Security Committee, Development Committee, Audit Committee, Organization Administration and Personnel Committee, and the International Relations Committee.

The authority’s board and the board’s various committees are charged with the ongoing supervision and control of the policy’s actual implementation by the authority’s management.

As part of their activity, the committees convene for professional discussions, each in its own areas of responsibility, and the resolutions passed by the committees are then delivered to be approved by all members of the authority’s board.