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Allenby - Contacts

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Public Inquiries - Land Border Crossings and Domestic Airports:
Tel: 03-9758303
Fax: 03-9758332
Public Inquiries
Address - P.O.Box 137, Ben-Gurion Airport, 7015001

Terminal management:
Telephone: 02-5482600/8/30
Fax: 02-9943289

On-call managers:
Entry hall: 050-9753633
Exit hall: 050-9753632
General: 050-9753613

Information center and permit coordination:
Telephone: 02-5482655
Fax: 02-5482654

VIP Services:
Shift Manager: 050-6099104
Fax: 02-5889047

Lost and found:
Telephone: 02-5482651
Mobile: 050-8011064
Email: or

Jan – Freight Terminal Operator:
Telephone: 02-9409313
Fax: 02-9447301

DCL – District Coordination and Liaison
Is tasked with liaising with the Palestinian Authority’s representatives and coordinate contacts between the Israeli and Palestinian parties.
Operating hours: According to the terminal’s operating hours.
Telephone: 02-9943375