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Rosh Pina Airport - Information For Pilot

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  • To all pilots,

    Movement/presence in the operating area at the Haifa Airport and the Rosh Pina Airport, requires wearing a standard reflective vest, from entry and until exiting the operating area, 24 hours daily.
    This instruction applies to all persons entering the operating area including staff, pilots, flight instructors, learner pilots and/or any other person required to enter for any reason.

    For your attention.

    Meir Cohen
    Haifa Airport & Rosh Pina Airport

  • To all pilots,

    Please note that when using the self-service fueling station in the operating area, act according to the instruction of the franchisee operator, the Paz Aviation Services company.
    It is forbidden to leave the fuel pipe and/or grounding cable on the ground, and it is mandatory to replace them according to the operator instructions.
    Immediately after completing fueling, the aircraft must be removed from the station, because it serves as an operating area for other activities.

    Please abide by the instructions.

    Meir Cohen
    Haifa Airport & Rosh Pina Airport

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Terminal support systems
REIL – indicator lights at the runway end
Navigation aid – DME – VOR surfing lights
For controlled dimming. (Used for homing in restricted weather conditions, can be used for instrument abatement)
The aircraft parking area includes 4 stations for ATR – 732 and DASH – 7 sized aircraft.
12 stations for single or double engine light aircraft.
The airport has a 15 -m 33 runway 1,100 meters long and 30 meters wide.

Fueling services
The airport has a jet fuel station. Fueling is by self service using a fueling card available from the Paz Aviation Services company, which is in charge of the facility.
LL 100 benzine is available from a tanker in coordination with the Paz Aviation Services company
Telephone: 03-9774020, 03-9774033, 054-3222178

Precise information is available at the PMT IP Civil Aviation Authority website.