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The Israel Airport Authority Regulations (Border Terminal Fees) 1994 require the payment of a border crossing fee by each outgoing traveler. The fees are quoted in NIS and are updated once a year (on January 1) linked to the Israeli Consumer Price Index.

Fee Rates for Crossing Land Border Terminals 2024

The fee can be paid:
At all postal bank branches in Israel with no added commission*.
* Payments at the postal bank can be made only in cash or by a cashier's check. The voucher is issued at the bank branch when payment is made.  The fee voucher at the postal bank is limited to payment for up to 100 travelers. However, "multireceipts" are possible, meaning: the payer comes with a single cashier's check, which is split into several payments according to the limitation described above of up to 100 fees on a single voucher and, therefore, into several vouchers.