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Government Offices

  • A passenger flying abroad may, upon his return to Israel, bring in goods which he has purchased abroad or in duty free stores at the airport and provided that the value of said goods does not exceed $200. The goods will also be limited to 1 liter of alcohol and 2 liters of wine, 250 ml of perfume - these items will be tax-exempt.
    Entry and exit to and from the country with a sum of money exceeding  50,000 
    NIS requires a declaration of entry at the entrance to the country (filed at the crossing on the red route), and departure from the country at the customs counter located in the exit hall to the left of the border checkpoints.
    In any case, the items that are exempt from customs and the amount of money required for the declaration are those that are listed and updated from time to time on the customs website.


  • Located at the departure hall, are manned counters and automatic checkpoints operated by a biometric card or a passport.
    Passengers with an Israeli passport will be processed at the designated counters or at the biometric checkpoints. Passengers with a foreign passport will go through passport control at designated manned counters or at biometric passport stations.
    Additional information is available on the Population and Immigration Authority website.
    When traveling to a country which the passenger has not previously visited, it is his responsibility to check whether there are special restrictions applied for those entering its territory. For example, some countries do not allow entry with a passport that is not valid for at least six months from the moment of the entry, other countries restrict entry with a passport that has only one blank page left, some countries require a visa to enter, etc.

  • The Ministry of Agriculture at Ramon Airport is located in the arrivals hall.

    Transporting animals:
    It is the passenger's responsibility to check with the airline regarding its policy, rules and regulations on transporting pets.
    In case of an international flight, it is the passenger's responsibility to find out what are the laws and regulations of the country of origin and/or destination regarding animals flown in are. It is recommended to start the process of preparation and vaccination of the animal about four months before the flight date, in order to be able to handle on time the administration of the required vaccines in the destination country.
    More information about flying animals abroad or bringing them to Israel can be found on the Ministry of Agriculture website.

  • The Ministry of Tourism's service desk is located in the arrivals hall in front of Gate 33.

  • Located in the "Hat Amram" parking lot next to the car rental building. This station provides services to the general public on issues related to the Israel Police.