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Security Guidelines

The Security Check 

  • All passengers departing from Ramon Airport must undergo a security check by security personnel.
  • As part of the security check passengers will be asked questions pertaining to flight security.
  • Ramon Airport operates an automatic passenger baggage screening system – HBS. The system was developed in order to improve the level of passenger service.
    Passengers must leave their suitcase open or alternatively locked with a TSA lock. If the technological system issues an alert regarding a suspicious item, it sends the suitcase for manual inspection.
    A brochure is placed in every suitcase that is manually inspected, informing the passenger that their baggage was opened by a security inspector.
  • After completing check in at the airline counter passengers must undergo a body and carry-on luggage check. There are innovative technological means for quick and efficient passenger inspection. Passengers must place all the items they have on them and in their pockets in a designated box.
  • In addition, passengers must pass through an arch magnetometer and follow security personnel instructions.

Security Check for a Domestic Flight
Passengers must arrive for the flight about one and a half hours before departure.

Please present one of the following IDs:

    • Israeli ID card
    • Israeli driver’s license
    • IDF enlisted soldier/officer military ID card
    • Police officer ID card (not including volunteers)
    • Passport / laissez-passer
    • Alfa card

* The form of identification presented must be valid.
* Children under 16 years of age will present a photocopy of a parent’s ID Card with the  Addendum.
*  A passenger holding an Alfa Card will undergo the security check at the self-service counter located to the left of the entrance gates to the public hall (Gate 32). In case of a failure the passenger shall present one of the aforementioned forms of identification.
Passengers who travel to Ben Gurion Airport on a regular basis with only hand luggage can issue this card at the airport for a quicker security check.

Security Check for an International Flight
Passengers must arrive for the flight 3 hours before departure.
At the security check for an international flight passengers must present a valid passport and an airline ticket or a boarding pass from advance check in.

Assisted Passengers
To contact a representative of the ground services company use the assisted passenger telephone counter located at the entrance to the terminal (near Gate 31).
For further information regarding accessibility at the airport - click here.