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Science Technology And Space Exhibition

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Exhibition: Israeli Discoveries and Developments that Influenced the World

A new exhibition, the first of its kind, has opened at Ben Gurion Airport in the corridor to the Terminal 3 departure hall.

The exhibition features 60 immense and original images showcasing breakthrough Israeli technological and scientific discoveries and developments that have been influential worldwide. The images relate the history of Israeli science and technology even before the establishment of the country. Each of these images represents a generation of scientific and technological research and development that led to a revolution for all of humankind by improving the quality of life, increasing life expectancy and contributing to the enhancement and prosperity of different aspects of life from economy and health to nutrition and culture.

The exhibition provides Israel with an opportunity to present itself as an advanced country which is among the leading nations in the scientific field. It opens a door for the public to get a glimpse of this country’s contribution to the developing world. Here are the leading Jewish minds – renowned researchers and scientists such as Albert Einstein and others whose work had such a significant impact on the different aspects of our daily lives that without it humanity would not have been able to carry out the accomplishments achieved thus far.

Along with the exhibition, the departure hall features different experiential presentations for your delight and cultural enrichment. One of these is a model of the first Israeli space shuttle by the Spaceil Association, which can be seen at the entrance to the departure hall, on the right. To date, only three countries have landed on the moon, and the shuttle is scheduled for launch by the end of 2017, thus making Israel the fourth nation to make a landing on the surface of Earth’s satellite.

Another presentation by the Davidson Institute presents the Brain Application. This free and interactive app provides an educational and scientific challenge through a competitive game.

The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem also presents the interactive kinetic sculpture of a pendulum that creates a variety of spectacular Lissajous curves on a photochromic surface. Visitors will also discover the “Drips Race” exhibit, an ice-repellant surface which is based on the Lotus Effect. This self-cleaning surface implements technology developed from water-repellant (ultra-hydrophobic) characteristics found in the lotus and other natural sources.

Pictures from the exhibition

Prof. Arieh Warshel, Prof. Michael Levitt
Life in the Dead Sea
Mobileye - A System Designed to Prevent Accidents
Long-keeping Regular and Cherry Tomatoes
Prof. Ada Yonath
Intel's New Generation Processors
The First Israeli Nano-Satellite
VENUS Environmental Research Satellite