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Beautiful Israel in green

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A unique exhibition of photographs, depicting the variety of plants and flowers of Israel, will be on display at the Departure Hall at Ben Gurion Airport in the course of the coming year 

A new exhibition of nature photographs, “Beautiful Israel in Green”, is on display at the central hall at Ben Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3. The exhibition,initiated and produced by the “Council for a Beautiful Israel” in cooperation with The Israel Airports Authority, will be on display along a wall over 150 meters long, for a period of one year, accompanying more than 15 million passengers walking down from passport control to the duty free shops and their respective flights as they depart Israel.

The exhibition is dedicated to Israel’s nature, featuring 47 spectacular artistic flora photographs carefully chosen by Israeli botany experts, and made available by a team of curators. The photographs present the variety of plants and flowers that grow in the country and shape its landscapes all year round.

Among the plants one may find the Common Cyclamen - Israel’s national flower, the Crane Stork’s-bill - with its large blue flowers, the rare and protected Cream-Coloured Crocus from the north of the country and many others - all integrated into their typical scenic background.

Asher Segal, CEO of the Council for a Beautiful Israel, says: “The exhibition takes passengers on a journey through the diversity of colours and landscape textures created by Israel’s flora. The concept of the exhibition is built around what is apparently the melting pot of the country’s flora: plants from various origins, different continents and climates all meet here to create Israel’s characteristic landscapes, in a manner that is very reminiscent of our country’s human melting pot”. 

Major General (Res.) Shmuel Zakai, Director of Ben Gurion Airport, says: “It is a unique project which constitutes a part of the service we provide to the passengers and enables us to expose tourists and Israeli citizens alike to the country’s beauty and achievements in various fields”.

The exhibition was set up within three days, during which the enormous photographs, 1.5 metres high and 2-3 metres wide, were hung along the wall of the connecting passage leading to the Duty Free Hall. The photographs, augmented by detailed captions for each picture and segment, tell passengers departing from Israel the story of Israel’s landscapes, and follow them to their journey with the country’s unequalled variety of landscapes and climatic zones. Previous exhibitions at Ben Gurion Airport included Independence Day Posters since the establishment of the State of Israel (2012), Achievements by Israeli Athletes (2013), and 100 Years of Civil Aviation (2014), which has been moved for display at the Arrival Hall.

The curator and scientific advisor for the exhibition is Dr. Ori Fragman Sapir, Chief Scientist for the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.

Desert Cistanche - Mori Cohen
Violet Cistanche - Ori Fragman Sapir
Crown Anemone Rugs - Eyal Bartov
Spring Groundsel - Eyal Bartov
Spiny Zilla - Mori Cohen
Desert Tulip - Ori Fragman Sapir
Euphrates Poplar - Eyal Bartov
Common Cyclamen - Ori Fragman Sapir
Blue Mountain Lupine Field - Eyal Batow
True Rose of Jericho - Eyal Bartov
Umbrella Thorn Acacia Dead Sea - Eyal Batow
Pink Sun-rose - Eyal Bartov
Doum Palm - Eyal Bartov
Boissieri’s Oak - Ori Fragman Sapir
Japanese Persimmon - Eyal Bartov
Athel Tamarisk - Ori Fragman Sapir
Syrian Thistle - Ayelet Nozfeld
Common Date Palm - Eyal Bartov
Mediterranean Sea Daffodil - Eyal Bartov
Desert Pancratium - Ori Fragman Sapir
Carob Tree - Ori Fragman Sapir