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The Allenby Bridge (King Hussein) crossing is the southernmost crossing spanning the Jordan River and is one of the five land border crossings between Israel and its neighbors to the east and south. The terminal is located approximately 5 km east of the city of Jericho, at a height of 273 meters below sea level and within the Jordan Valley’s most extensive region, its breadth sprawling across approximately 32 km. It is located at about 54 minutes’ driving distance from Amman. Today the bridge serves as the shortest way to travel between the cities of central Israel and Amman.

The terminal serves as a border crossing between Israel and Jordan, mainly for the Palestinian population and tourists with various citizenships. Passage of goods through the terminal is between Jordan and the Palestinian Authority; Israeli citizens may not cross via the terminal. The terminal mainly serves the needs of the Palestinian populace of the West Bank and, over the years, has operated in close cooperation between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.


Allenby Bridge was constructed during World War I as a crossing point for British forces from the East Bank to the West Bank and vice versa. It began as a simple, limited wooden bridge. Over the years, it would become one of the three major bridges spanning the two banks.
1946 – The “Night of the Bridges”. The bridge was bombed and destroyed, with the Bailey Bridge then being constructed in its place and remaining standing until the Six-Day War. During the Six-Day War, the bridge was once again bombed, and at the end of the war, once the Civil Administration and the Judea and Samaria Area authorities instituted the Open-Door policy, the bridge was rebuilt, allowing passage between the two countries.
1994 – The Oslo Accords, in which the peace accord with Jordan was signed and the Airports Authority assumed responsibility and authority over the terminal’s operation.
2001 – Construction of a new concrete bridge featuring 4 traffic lanes, which remains operative to this day.

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  • A passenger will be allowed to cross via the terminal on presenting the following exit documents:
    - A passport valid for at least six months
    - An entry visa into Jordan
    - Passengers from East Jerusalem are required to have a laissez-passer and an ID card

    Passengers crossing by vehicle:
    - An international driver’s license
    - Vehicle registration under the passenger’s name or a notary power of attorney in English or Arabic if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle.
    - An English translation of the vehicle registration
    - A negative COVID-19 test conducted within the 72 hours prior to the time of crossing 


    * Israelis may not enter Jordan via Allenby Terminal

  • ​The passenger terminal is accessible and adapted for assisted passengers, including the demarcation of designated parking spots; the terminal’s passages have been expanded, allowing continuous and easy movement through them.
    Wheelchairs are available free of charge for assisted passengers.
    As part of the service, assistance from the terminal staff can be arranged in advance by telephone: 02-5482604..

    Useful Links:
    Access Israel
    Ministry of Tourism – Accessible Tourism
    Access Unlimited
    Ezer Mizion
    Yad Sara

  • The Freight Wing’s operator, N. Jan Co., provides transportation services for most kinds of freight packed using the customary packing methods such: pallets, goods in bulk and containers.

    The service is provided with advance coordination and, if necessary, onsite.
    Telephone: 02-9509313
    Fax: 02-9447301

  • The terminal is divided into 4 halls:

    - Palestinian passengers’ exit hall

    - Palestinian passengers’ entry hall

    - Tourists’ and East Jerusalem residents’ exit hall

    - Tourists’ and East Jerusalem residents’ entry hall

  • Each passenger hall has a cafeteria serving passengers and employees.
    The employee canteen also serves passengers.

  • Milgam is the concessioner on the Airports Authority’s behalf.

    The company provides a variety of financial services including sale of outbound passenger fees, F/X conversion, motor insurance, VAT rebates and the like.

    Operating hours – according to the terminal’s operating hours.
    Telephone: 02-6236689
    Fax: 02-6230371

    To visit Milgam’s website, click here.

  • Customs control for passenger luggage and freights.

    Operating hours:
    According to the operating hours of the terminal’s wings.
    Telephone: 074-7612292
    Fax: 02-6668875

    To visit the Tax Authority’s website, click here.

  • Operating hours:

    According to the terminal’s operating hours.

    Passenger entry hall telephone: 02-9407444/2
    Passenger exit hall telephone: 02-9407451
    Fax: 02-9407440

    To issue one-time laissez-passers for residents of East Jerusalem:
    Telephone: 02-9409207

    Stay of exit order:
    Information provided by telephone: *3450

  • ​For inspection and approval of the import of agricultural produce and animals to Israel.

    Operating hours:
    According to the terminal’s operating hours.
    Telephone: 02-9943492
    Fax: 02-9943715

    To visit the Ministry of Agriculture’s website, click here.