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The Airports Authority wishes to inform the public that the Management Offices of the Authority will be closed for the duration of the Pesach Holiday, including the intermediate days, commencing from 14.4.14 until 21.4.14 inclusive. During this period it will not be possible to study tenders and/or pay the fees for participation in tenders at the Authority's Management Offices, nor will it be possible to obtain an answer on the subject by telephone.We would like to point out that tenders can be studied and fees for participation in them paid, at any time, through the Authority's internet site
Participation in the tender is conditional upon payment of the participation fee
This site contains the ongoing publication of tenders, notifications and announcements in accordance with the Tenders Obligations Ordinances 1993
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I have read and understood the terms of use regarding the perusal of the public tender documents and notifications published on the website and also the terms of use concerning the possibility of participating in any of the aforementioned tenders, by means of and subject to, participation fee payment.



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