Rates and Passage Fees

According to the Israel Airports Authority Regulations (Border Terminal Fees) 1994, all travelers exiting Israel to Jordan must pay the Israel Airports Authority a border-crossing fee for outgoing travelers.


Fees - valid from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014

·         Crossing fee per outgoing traveler - NIS 102

·         Daily fee for those traveling on public transportation to Aqaba alone - NIS 21

·         VIP fee - NIS 21

·         Daily fee for worker employed in Israel - NIS 10

·         Cargo fee - NIS 206


The fees are quoted in NIS and are updated once a year (on January 1) linked to the Israeli Consumer Price Index.


The fee can be paid through the following methods:

·         At all postal bank branches in Israel with no additional commission.*

·         At the offices of the financial operator at the border terminals, with a surcharge of NIS 5 (five New Israeli Shekels).

·         Within several months, an new service will be offered, and travelers will be able to pay the fee online without a commission. Additional information will be provided when the online service becomes effective.


* Payments at the postal bank can be made only in cash or by a cashier's check.

There is no need to obtain a payment voucher ahead of time. The voucher is issued at the bank branch when payment is made.  

Additionally, the fee voucher at the postal bank is limited to payment for up to 100 travelers. However, "multireceipts" are possible. This means: The payer comes with a single cashier's check, which is split into several payments according to the limitation described above of up to 100 fees on a single voucher and, therefore, into several vouchers. In other words, as in the past, it will be possible to purchase the number of fees required through a single cashier's check.



Travelers exempt from payment of the passage fee:

1.    A traveler bearing a diplomatic passport or a passport with a diplomatic visa, or a certificate confirming his/her being one of the following:
A UN employee serving in the UNTSO
A member of the Multinational Force
A member of the International Red Cross

2.    An UNRWA official, appearing on a list approved for this purpose by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3.    An infant under the age of two.

4.    The crew of a public transport bus - bus driver and attendant.

5.    A driver of a commercial vehicle leaving Israel in a commercial vehicle, which s/he is driving as part of his/her job in transporting cargo to or from Israel.

6.    Any person participating in a search and rescue mission, providing medical assistance to injured persons or in any other humanitarian activity.

7.    A member of a government delegation, passing in order to perform his/her functions in the negotiations between Israel and Jordan, and appearing on a list approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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