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Who is exempt from payment of the Transit

          A passenger holding a diplomatic passport or a passport stamped with a diplomatic visa, or a certificate confirming that he is:


          A member of the U. N. serving in UNTSO.


          A member of the Multinational Forces.


         A member of the International Red Cross Organization.


          A clerk of the United Nations Refugee Work Agency – UNWRA – who is included in the list authorized by the Foreign Ministry.


          A baby under two years of age.

          The public transport bus crew – a driver and a stewardess.

          The driver of a commercial vehicle departing Israel in a commercial vehicle, which he is driving on duty, transporting goods to or from Israel.

          Any person participating in Search and Rescue operations, extending medical assistance to the injured and other humanitarian activities.

         A member of a government delegation, on duty in negotiations between Israel and Jordan who is included in a list authorized by the Foreign Ministry.


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