Information for Passengers with Disabilities

The border terminals were planned to be accessible to passengers with disabilities, taking into consideration and providing solutions for the unique needs of assisted travelers, so as to enable them to receive services in person and independently.


As part of the service, passengers may apply to the terminal’s personnel for assistance and help.


Passage through the terminal, both on departure and on arrival, is uncomplicated, accessible to the disabled and unimpeded in all directions.


Special parking places have been marked for the disabled in the parking lots. These are near the terminal building and easily accessible.


Wheelchairs may be obtained free of charge in the terminal. The wheelchairs remain at the disposal of those who need them until they leave the terminal.


Public toilets in the terminal are accessible and adapted to wheelchairs.


Within the framework of improving services to all those passing through the terminals, the Airports Authority has completed a process of checking the accessibility to persons with disabilities at the border terminals. The check was carried out by a professional company specializing in the field of accessibility.


Terminal personnel will be happy to help and assist in solving any problem that may arise.

Tel. - 02-5482600





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