Guide For The Landings

At the duty-free pick-up counter you can receive the items that you bought in the Duty Free Shop when leaving the country.   The counter is located in the International Arrivals Hall, before the border control desk.


People meeting passengers should park in the parking lot, as instructed by the police.  Note that parking next to the halls is forbidden.  Also, it is forbidden to enter the Arrivals Hall, and greeters should wait for incoming passengers in the Greeters’ Hall or outside the halls.  For your convenience, there is a monitor displaying estimated times of arrival in the Greeters’ Hall.  Information about delayed flights can be obtained from the company representative in the Departures Hall.


On arriving at the airport, you will enter one of the terminal halls.  There you will collect your baggage from the carousel.  You can find baggage trolleys inside the hall or next to the taxi stand which is adjacent to the hall for domestic flights.


On arriving at the airport you will be directed to the International Arrivals Hall, there at the duty-free pick-up counter you can collect the duty free items you purchased when leaving the country.  From there you will continue to passport control, baggage collection and Customs.  After going through Customs you will leave through the exit gate to the adjacent taxi rank, bus stop or parking lot.

Passengers traveling in groups will continue to the bus parking area on the right of the exit.




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