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Airport free Shuttle service


The Israel Airports Authority runs a free shuttle service in Ben Gurion airport. The service is operated by a concession-holder, in spacious buses that can accommodate the passengers and their luggage.


The busses are outfitted to suit customers with reduced mobility, according to Ministry of Transport regulations.


Shuttle Route and Schedule


- Long term parking shuttle -

runs from the long-term parking lot to Terminal 3 and back.

Departs every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day, all week.

- Terminal 1 shuttle - runs from Terminal 1 (the Terminal for Domestic Flights) toTerminal 3 and back.

Schedule for July

After hours, please go to long term parking shuttle and tell the driver you need to go to Terminal 1. Thank you!


Shuttle location

The shuttle bus stop at Terminal 3 is located at the G level, the arrivals level close to Gate 01 (after exit on the right).

Both shuttle stops (to the Long Term Parking Lot and to Terminal 1) are close to each other


Passengers arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport by train

Passengers departing on domestic flights from Terminal 1 and arriving at Ben-Gurion Airport by train, may use the internal shuttle service to go from the Train Station at Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 for domestic flights.



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