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Announcement for passengers flying to member countries of the European Union:
The European Union now permits passengers to purchase duty free goods containing liquids at Ben Gurion Airport and carry them in sealed plastic bags to member countries of the European Union and from there on connecting flights to other destinations in Europe and the United States. For additional details see here.


Duty Free
 Books & Newspapers
 Clothing & Sportswear
 Sports Fashion
 Jack Kuba Lingerie
 Mobile Global Celluar
 Cosmetics, Alcohol & Tobacco
 James Richardson Duty Free
 James Richardson Duty Free concourse D
 James Richardson Duty Free concourse C
 James Richardson Duty Free concourse B
 Fashion Items
 Michal Negrin
 H.Stern, concourse B
 H.Stern, concourse C
 H. Stern, concourse D
 H.Stern, entrance to concourse D
 H.Stern Watches
 Victoria's Secret
 H.Stern Watches, between concourses D & E
 H.Stern Gifts & Accessories
 Steimatzky Souvenirs
 Music & Electronics
 A.L.M Duty Free
 The Eight Note
 Chocolate store
 Chocolate counter
 Books & Newspapers
 Steimatzky, "Buy&Bye" mall
 Steimatzky Arrivals Hall
 Clothing & Sportswear
 Jack Kuba Lingerie
 Richardson Sporting Goods Outlet
 Global Celluar
 Sky Pharm
 Fashion Items
 SWAROVSKI Arrivals hall
 Victoria's Secret
 SWAROVSKI, "Buy&Bye" mall
 H. Stern
 H.Stern Watches
 Michal Negrin
 La Bouquet
 Mifal haPais Arrivals hall
 Mifal haPais counter "Buy&Bye" mall
 Music & Electronics
 The Eight Note
 Sweets James Richardson
VIP, Restaurants & Cafe
 Coffee Shops
 Si Espresso Departures hall
 Arcaffe, Departures hall
 Arcaffe, concourse D
 Arcaffe, "Buy&Bye" mall
 Ranch cafe, "Buy&Bye" mall
 Segafredo Espresso, concourse B
 Ranch cafe Departures hall
 Segafredo Espresso, concourse C
 Kakao Arrivals hall, western side
 Kakao Arrivals hall, eastern side
 Cafe Cafe
 Si Espresso "Buy&Bye" mall
 Pizza Hut, Buy&Bye mall
 Pizza Hut, Departures hall
 La Farina bakery
 Aroma Espresso Bar
 Burger Ranch, "Buy&Bye" mall
 Burger Ranch Departures hall
 Shipudey Hatikva
 Frame Sushi Bar Departures hall
 Frame Sushi Bar, "Buy&Bye" mall
 VIP Lounge
 Arbel Lounge
 King David Lounge
 Dan Lounge Concourse B
 Dan Lounge Concourse C
 Masada Lounge
 Dan+ lounge
 Wine Bar
 Schmoozy Wine & Tapas Bar

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