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Security Instructions

General Information on the Security Department:

The role of the security department in The Ben Gurion Airport is to secure the airport and to make sure that all departing and arriving passengers may do so safely.
Security checks are made while using advanced technological devices.


For the safety of the flight, all departing passengers undergo a security check consisting of luggage and handbags checks, as well as a physical check.
For efficiency's sake, different queues are assigned to passengers holding an Israeli passport and those holding foreign passports.


Please make sure to arrive three hours prior to the flight, with an updated passport for at least three months, and your flight ticket.

In order to avoid potential barcode confusion, we recommend that you remove old tags from your luggage and put new ones instead.


It is prohibited to carry sharp tools or utensils, such as pocketknives, scissors, nail files, etc, in your handbags or on your body.  It is also prohibited to carry toys designed as realistic weapons.

Any objects meeting the above definition found during a security check will be confiscated, and the passenger carrying them will not be allowed to board his/her flight.

If necessary, objects meeting the above definition will be packed in the luggage designated to be carried in the plane's baggage compartment.

Photography films beyond ASA1600 may be harmed when screened - please contact the team leader on site.
There may be case when a particular object will have to undergo a unique security check, and therefore be shipped on a different flight.



Instructions regarding carrying of hand luggage and personal luggage are found at the airline internet sites:


List of airlines operating at Ben-Gurion Airport

Ground Handling Agents

El-Al's Internet Site

Arkia's Internet Site

Israir's Internet Site 





Entering the terminal with a personal weapon is absolutely prohibited!

Carrying a personal weapon or tear gas is prohibited, both in the baggage and in handbags. 


Gas balloons are prohibited on flights. 
Any weapons forgotten by the license holder will carry a formal police complaint against the owner, and he/she may miss his/her flight.


Please refrain from leaving objects or luggage unattended.

Please inform security personnel of any suspicious objects, vehicles or persons you may have noticed.

Entry to the security areas is permitted to departing passengers only. Escorts will enter the security area only if given permission to do so by the security employee. Escorts may wait for the passengers outside of the security area until their security checks and check-in procedures are complete. Only then could they escort them to the "Sh'Hakim" Commercial Hall, prior to proceeding to the hand luggage x-ray in a secure area.

Please note that the Security Division reserves the right to complete all of the security procedures of the passengers at the same security area and then escort them directly to the passport control according to the security requirements and regulations.




The Security Division at Ben-Gurion Airport offers a new and improved service for businessmen who are guests of Israeli companies.


In order to render this service, Israeli security trustees have been authorized for that purpose at Israeli companies hosting foreign businessmen.


Those security trustees, who are the contact persons between their companies and the Security Center, pass on to the Center relevant details concerning the purpose of the visit of their guests and their stay in Israel.


The security check for those passengers who take advantage of this service, is quicker and is based on advance notice from the security trustees.


The Security Center has already formed contact with hundreds of Israeli companies, public and private, and has gained tremendous appreciation and gratitude for its high service standards given to the passengers taking advantage of its services.


For more details concerning this service, the hosting Israeli company should contact Ms. Reut Dror, Security Center Supervisor:


Tel. No. 03-9750560

Fax No. 03-9750561 



On arrival please refer to the relevant border inspection counters, according to the passport you are holding.  Different border inspections counters are assigned for those holding an Israeli passport and for those holding a foreign passport.

After passing the check, you may collect items previously purchased in our duty-free shops.

Please collect your baggage from the conveyor belt before leaving the terminal area.
Passengers, whose luggage was sent separately, may collect it from the lost and found counters of their airline.


Upon arrival at the departure halls at Terminal 3, you are requested to go to the security area serving the airline you will be flying on. For security reasons entrance to the security inspection area is limited solely to passengers. People accompanying passengers will not be permitted to enter these areas.

If you are not aware of which area you should go to, you can find the necessary information either on one of two larger electronic screens located at the ends of the hall on the 3rd floor, or from watching the small screens spread out throughout the terminal, or from a representative at the information counter located in the center of the hall. For your convenience, these screens are continuously updated around the clock in accordance with the flight schedule.

Likewise, at the entrance to each inspection area you will find a passenger service representative, who can direct you to the proper inspection area and the appropriate queue.

Upon entering the queue for security inspection you will be requested to present the security personnel your passport and flight tickets (or a document that proves a ticket has been ordered) and to answer a number of questions relevant to the security of the flight.

We are pleased to inform you that as from March 2014, the Israel Airports Authority will implement a modern advanced security system for baggage inspection for flights departing Ben Gurion Airport – Hold Baggage Screening (HBS).

The HBS was developed by the Israel Airports Authority for totally automatic passenger baggage security inspection, and to improve the level of service.  The system complies with the strictest of requirements and is based on the highest level of technology.

The security inspection process includes the documentation stage and a few questions, after which passengers will proceed directly to the counter of their respective airlines in order to check in for their flight and hand over their baggage. 

After tagging baggage at the airline counter, the baggage will be sent for the automatic inspection by the system. The inspection carried out by the HBS is automatic. In certain cases the need may arise to open the baggage for manual inspection.  Therefore, you are requested not to lock the baggage. For your information, this inspection is carried out under total electronic surveillance and documented, so that should your baggage be opened for security reasons, a notice will be placed in your baggage with full details of the process.

Upon receipt of the boarding passes you may proceed to the "Shchakim” shopping area and from there through the hand baggage (carry-on) inspection and the metal detector.

After completing the security inspections, and until your flight departs, we invite you to enjoy the other services offered at Ben Gurion Airport.

We thank you for you cooperation and wish you a pleasant flight.                                        


The Security Division


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